Thursday, December 11, 2014

John King Departure, New Fed Job Linked to Failure of CIA Torture Program

Ed Notes has learned that the CIA was behind the move of John King. Having demonstrated he could run an effective torture program for students and teachers based on high stakes testing and tortuous standards, the CIA jumped at the opportunity to embrace his skills as a way to recover public standing from the recent revelations about their torture program, especially given the fact that so much of it failed to gain useful information.

"This is a win-win," said a CIA source. "Water boarding and rectal infusions never worked but a constant barrage of testing is guaranteed to get results. With so many teachers running screaming out of the profession and so many kids throwing up during testing, it was clear that we've been barking up the wrong torture tree.

"We also looked at John King's success in pushing charters to destroy the public school system. He will be devising charter terrorist groups. Every terrorist deserves a choice.

"And who better than John King to make this work? If I were in ISIS and Al Qaueda I would be packing up and leaving - fast."

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  1. I love it !! I know you are on to something . You nd Sean Crowley have made my day!!.... No, my whole year!
    Peg :)


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