Tuesday, December 2, 2014

PEP Videos: I Defend Tenure, Eterno Defends ATRs, Discontinued Guidance Counselor Shares His Story

I changed what I was going to say in response to 2 politically motivated parents from Queens who attacked tenure and the 3020a law based on a teacher in their children's school. Funny how they pointed out how great their principal was - apparently they bought the crap that it was so hard to get rid of a teacher - watch what they say as I included their statements.


I didn't get his name but this young man was very eloquent in telling his story of being discontinued. I have my theories about why but won't go there.


James Eterno posted this video on the ICE blog. If you haven't seen it yet take a look as he puts the closing school and ATR issues together in a neat package while also exposing the UFT for its role in this farce. (I fooled with the exposure on this to make it brighter but it came out looking like the lighting in a prison ward - very appropriate for a speech on ATRs.


In case you didn't see the videos of the MORE people speaking on the teacher diversity issue, you can watch them here:

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