Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Cuomo's Roll in the Slime

My fellow bloggers have been on the Cuomo story so there is little I can add. I have no level of outrage at his actions regarding education because I expected nothing less than what he has done. The guy is a slimeball beyond the normal range of slimeballs. Do you think those stories about Sheldon Silver's (another slimeball sa far as I'm concerned) money-making schemes are just surfacing now by coincidence? Silver has been viewed as a last bastion for the UFT to keep Cuomo at bay -- not that he has been all that helpful. So today NYSUT had a "rally" in Albany (NYSUT rallies outside Cuomo’s open house (updated X2). 75 people.

Some bloggers:

Damned if You Do

NYSUT Visits "Clueless" Cuomo and Fabulous Sandra Lee

Merryl Tisch To Andrew Cuomo: Let's Fire More Teachers, Raise Charter Cap In New York City

Here are links from Chalkbeat.

Evaluation battles

Reneging on his own call to protect teachers whose poor evaluations were based in part on Common Core-aligned student test scores, Gov. Andrew Cuomo vetoed a bill he drafted in June.

In response to Cuomo’s veto, the state teachers union is holding a New Year’s Eve protest outside of his mansion where he is hosting an event.

Opinion: Vetoing the teacher evaluation seems more like political payback against the teachers union than a serious effort to improve the teacher evaluation system.

Cuomo’s "zig-zagging history on education reform" could hurt his credibility when it's time to convince lawmakers to go along with the aggressive education agenda he has next year, Daily News columnist Bill Hammond writes.


  1. I believe there were more like 100 of us out there yesterday. Great crowd and we sure made some noise!!!
    This is what he comes back with.....“I understand the union’s issue, that they don’t want anyone fired,” Cuomo said. “But we have teachers who have been found guilty of sexually abusing students that we can’t get out of the classroom.” Listen to the audio too

  2. Unless the nys atty gen grows some balls, Cuomo and his executioners will get away w anything they want


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