Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Ángel González - 20 Federation of Teachers of Puerto Rico - FMPR arrested for civil disobediance

From our old pal Angel who resides in Puerto Rico.

Angel Gonzalez shared Federación de Maestros de Puerto Rico's live video to the group: A Call to Action on Puerto Rico. - 20 Federation of Teachers of Puerto Rico FMPR are currently arrested in San Juan for acting in civil disobedience (our constitutional right). We sat in the lobby of Secty of Education's office, Julia Keleher.

We Demand: 1) open all schools that principals and community have prepared to open. 2) Repair schools (damaged by the hurricanes)so that they open. 3) No dismissals of transitory teachers 4) keep the integrity of our community schools 5) no charter privatization of our public schools. No New Orleans charter-privatization of Puerto Rico public education. Respect the union and labor rights of teachers. Stop the profiteering off of our children and teachers back. No to a new WhiteFish criminal robbery scandal using our public schools.

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