Monday, November 6, 2017

UFT Brags About "Success" at Tottenville HS While Principal Joseph Scarmato Runs Amuck

Is the UFT going through the motions telling members to file grievances while the abuse from the principal just continues?.. James Eterno, ICE blog
Yes, yes, yes -- the UFT is going through the motions. Tell people to file grievances but then don't protect them from retaliation for doing so.

I wonder how many people at Tottenville HS think these are the best of times and will be willing to pay dues post Janus? Are these the best of times for Tottenville HS as Mulgrew declared for the system as a whole at the DA (MULGREW TO DELEGATE ASSEMBLY: THESE ARE BEST OF TIMES...?)

After hearing the horror stories about Tottenville HS (Staten Island) at last week's UFT Ex Bd meeting - including the removal of the current chapter leader to a rubber room - how funny to read this report from James Eterno:


James has a link to a posted testimony I posted but I removed it after that teacher received some heavy blow back from people at the school due to their fears of retaliation.

When the teachers asked the UFT/Unity leadership to support them by going after Joseph Scarmato publicly, they flat out refused, telling us about all the times they visited the school -- they win some grievances which are pot shots in what should be total war.

One thing we learned last year was that when parents get involved as at Townsend Harris and CPE1, principals can be removed. The job of the UFT in defending their members is to stop the principal and if necessary to go public and stop playing footsie. And then go after the Superintendent for not controlling the principal.

I heard from some people that the reluctance of the UFT to take on Scarmato may be due to his connections to the Staten Island political machine where he may have an angel protecting him and the UFT doesn't want to step on those toes.

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  1. The notion that the union will aggressively combat abusive principals and climb up the food chain to challenge protective superintendents is pure fantasy.

    Abigail Shure


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