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Success Academy Invasion: DOE Closes Rockaway School (IS 53) To Open Way for Eva Takeover

Rockaway Parent Mariya Ultsh said she believes that DOE plays politics when it comes to school closures. "My money is that charter schools will sweep in and once again [special] interest groups will get a payday at the expense of our children... The WAVE, Dec. 22, 20017
Since Success Academy already has space in MS 53, we can pin the decision to close it as tied to the general pattern we have seen about Success occupation and the ultimate closing of one or more schools in a building. Ultimately Eva and Success will control a massive amount of real estate -- and don't you foresee the day when they will generously offer to take those buildings off the hands of the city to save us money?

Are there any other closings tied to Eva's schools either current or planned?

Note the comment by Councilman Donovan Richards whose office donated nearly a million dollars to the school, the benefits of which will accrue to the already rolling in dough Success charter chain.
PS 42 is also being closed and Richards will be holding a rally on Jan. 10 before and maybe at the closing hearing at PS 42 - at 6:30. The MS 53 hearing will be held Jan. 11 at the school, also at 6:30. PS 42's PTA president, Kevin Morgan, is organizing a bus trip to Albany on Jan. 9 -- call him for more info at 347-410-3061.

Last year many of us fought (unsuccessfully) against the closing of JHS 145 in the Bronx, claiming it was closed to make way for  Eva Moskowitz, already in the building, to ultimately take over the building even though there are still schools housed in the building.

See videos here:

Ed Notes Online: Videos JHS 145 Hearing: Farina Closing 145

Note this point made by teacher Jim Donohue:
Is Attempt to Close JHS 145, a Political Giveaway to Eva Moskowitz? ...a full 3 weeks before the DOE’s closure proposal even becomes official, and 2 months before the PEP vote takes place, and despite the DOE’s claim that the closing has NOTHING to do with the charter school, Success Academy’s website has begun advertising for applicants to its new middle school, opening in 2017, at JHS 145. In recent weeks, Success Academy staff members have been measuring our classrooms, apparently 100% confident that the PEP will rubber stamp our demise in March.... JHS 145 teacher Jim Donohue
The recent list of closing schools includes IS 53 in Rockaway, where Eva planted her flag in Rockaway a year ago despite there being 3 other schools in the building.

See Alan Singer on the failure of de Blasio/Farina renewal program.

Here is a DNA piece on the original Eva invasion:

Success Academy Moving Into Far Rockaway School After City Approves It
By Katie Honan | November 25, 2015 5:23pm

FAR ROCKAWAY —The city approved the co-location of a Success Academy school inside a local middle school building that currently houses three schools, despite concerns from the community over space issues.
The Success Academy Charter School, run by former City Councilwoman Eva Moskowitz, plans to open inside the building at 10-45 Nameoke St. for the 2016-2017 school year, the DOE said.
The charter will start with kindergarten and first grades, then add a grade each year until it hits the fourth grade.
They estimate they'll reach approximately 500-600 students by the 2019-2020 school year, and also expressed an interest in universal pre-k, according to the DOE. 
They'll share space in the building with M.S. 53 and Village Academy Middle School, as well as a special school for students serving long-term suspensions that exceed five days, officials said. 
The move — which will be the charter school group's third in Queens — has been criticized by parents and elected officials, who say the building is already overcrowded and isn't a good fit for younger students. 
Councilman Donovan Richards said in a statement that the Panel for Educational Policy ignored the community's concerns, which were shared throughout the process, most recently at a hearing on Nov. 17.
"While I am not opposed to welcoming charter schools, such as Success Academy, into the Rockaways, it is unfair to the students and educators who already deal with inadequate resources to have another school come into the building causing division within the hallways," he said in a statement after the deal was approved.
He added that charter schools should be in their own buildings, a thought shared by many who spoke at the Nov. 17 hearing, according to the DOE.
One person worried the new charter school wouldn't be able to serve the district's special education students. 
Another commenter asked where there was room in the building for Success Academy "if students were being taught in closets," according to a summary of the hearing.
According to the DOE, though, the building is under-utilized, with only 45 percent of the building currently in use.
The school's move into the building won't impact any classes or extracurricular activities, the DOE said, or M.S. 53's participation in the "School Renewal Program," which provides extra help to students and teachers.
The Success Academy did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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