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UFT Plays Softball With IDC - Rogue Dems

Jia Lee: The IDC is the Independent Democratic Conference, which is basically a group of NYS “Democrats” who vote with Republicans. They’re the reason we lose to charters, privatization, you get the picture. Learn more here:  And understand that our union leadership is in support of and supported by the IDC. With Janus looming, we’re in a sorry state even if there is door knocking and cold calls for pledging to stay union.
Bianca Tanis:  "In 2016 NYSUT contributed $109,600 to the NYS Senate Republican Committee, a huge increase from NYSUT’s 2015 contribution of  $24,500 and zero contribution in 2014."
Below, another sordid story of the UFT putting a knife into our backs by working with people who have been so destructive. Given the Republican onslaught, Dems who play ball with them - and the UFT which plays ball with Dems who play ball with Republicans - should be held accountable -- and I hope at the next Ex bd meeting our people get up and make some of the points in the fragments below. We need some hard ball. 
Having the UFT in the corner of IDC members is no small thing, should the fragile deal to unify Democrats in the state Senate not hold up later next year. The primary challenges to IDC members are not being supported by the mainline conference’s campaign arm.... It seems Jeff Klein, head of the IDC,  put $1.5M into the UFT's favorite program, and they're collaborating on generating favorable publicity for him and the other IDC members by  targeting schools in their districts...... comments on listserve
Kudos to people (I've lost track of the thread and am not sure who said what at this point) for helping dig out this story after someone posted an email from IDC rogue State Senator Marisol Alcantara sent out a newsletter bragging about her partnership with the UFT and John Fager asked:
What is Michael Mulgrew doing with Marisol Alcantara who is a
member of the renegade Democrats who give control of the Senate to the Republicans?.... John F.

My female principal once used a term for the UFT leadership, then Randi -- well I won't beat around the bush even though I know I will get in trouble for saying this - she called Randi a "whore" and she wasn't talking about her in sexual terms. Mulgrew has continued the tradition.

The UFT has pushed community schools as the solution for all -- and we know that with the DOE implementing anything it will be screwed up. I tried to piece together a bunch of commentary, mostly from Leonie Haimson and John Fager, about the shameful actions of the UFT leadership in bucking up the slime IDC people who have allowed Republican control of the NY State Senate. Even Cuomo, who has used these people to his advantage, has challenged them. I think I heard Mulgrew at a DA or Ex Bd meeting being critical of IDC -- yet ---- but then again, are you surprised? Remember my mantra -- watch what they do, not what they say....
No one should be surprised.  Despite the IDC and GOP support for charter schools and vouchers, the  UFT/NYSUT has often endorsed John Flanagan, the GOP Senate majority leader.  See their 2008 endorsements here:
"UFT, educators herald Klein's $1.5M support for community schools," reads one front page headline.
The contribution from NYSUT comes after Senate Majority Leader John Flanagan, a former education committee chairman who is steeped in education policy, was seen chatting at the union’s conference in Albany earlier this summer.

They didn't endorse Flanagan this year but stayed neutral; and also stayed out of a bunch of very close races on Long Island where their help or money could have led to more Dems winning. 

See this:
"In 2016 NYSUT contributed $109,600 to the NYS Senate Republican Committee, a huge increase from NYSUT’s 2015 contribution of  $24,500 and zero contribution in 2014."... Bianca Tanis
The DOE hands out the money and selects the schools. The UFT has been pushing their model of community schools for years. Heavy on social services which is good but light on community and parent involvement. That’s not surprising with the UFT involvement. A principal Told me that the CBO’s have too much control over the budget for the community schools. Two other people very knowledgeable about community schools say that the DOE official in charge like to glide over serious problems and don’t seem to be that well informed about what are the elements that make community schools effective.

I still can’t believe that Michael Mulgrew the president of the UFT would attend a function at a school with Marisol Alcantara who is a member of the Independent Democratic caucus that organizes with the Republicans and gives them control of the state Senate....
-- a terrific summary of the UFT‘s deep uft support and involvement with the independent democratic conference. The UFT‘s support of IDC is tremendously damaging to a host of issues and the millions of New Yorkers harmed. Whereas The benefit, the Quid Pro quo, the support of the unions model of community schools is of questionable value to students, teachers, and schools. The union’s model has yet to be shown to be effective. Mulgrew is only interested in the narrow agenda of the union and the students, teachers, and schools be damned...

Here is the original post:

With Mulgrew, Alcantara Touts Community Schools

United Federation of Teachers President Michael Mulgrew and lawmakers from the Independent Democratic Conference on Thursday to boost support for community schools in New York City. 

The event included Sen. Marisol Alcantara, one of the newer members of the IDC who faces a competitive primary challenge from former City Councilman Robert Jackson next year. 

“Community schools recognize the basic reality that poverty deeply affects the ability of our children to learn. It’s hard to concentrate on your classes if your stomach is grumbling or you can’t afford your mental health medication, and so the services provided at community learning schools can be transformative in the life of students and their families,” Alcantara said.
“I am overjoyed that the United Federation of Teachers will be implementing a community learning school program in my district at PS 192, and I look forward to our continued work together in the future.”
She is credited in a news released by the UFT with pushing for community school funding. 

Mulgrew, for what is worth, has stood with IDC lawmakers, including its leader Jeff Klein, at times before, sending a message that they’re allies on key education issues. 


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