Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Videos JHS 145 Hearing: Farina Closing 145 and handing it to Eva echos DeVos/Trump Ed Policy

Here are links to some of the videos I processed from the March 6 hearing in the Bronx. Some really good stuff from teachers at the school, parents, community members and some MORE people. The last one is 30+ minutes of DOE gobbledy goop.

JHS 145 Hearing Muslim Community Rep


JHS 145 Hearing Tech Teacher 

JHS 145 Hearing Jim Donohue 

JHS 145 Hearing Spanish Speaker w Translator


JHS 145 Hearing Two Vet Teachers

JHS 145 Hearing PTA and Chap Ldr 

I'm the 3rd speaker
JHS 145 Hearing MORE Speakers - Mindy, Aixa, Norm, Jia

JHS 145 HearingParent and 2011 alum 

JHS 145 Hearing Myrie and Rosalie Friend 

JHS 145 Hearing SBCC1 - South Bronx Community

Here it comes - Elizabeth Rose lying through her teeth along with the slug Superintendent. For a half hour if you can stand it.
JHS 145 Hearing DOE Position and Response

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