Thursday, March 16, 2017

A Millyard Transitions From Textiles to Tech

An interesting piece in the business section of the NY Times the other day featuring Dean Kamen and his neighborhood. It is a neighborhood I'm a bit familiar with as Dean is the founder of FIRST LEGO League, the robotics tournaments I worked with since I retired in 2002 -- except that this is the first year I am not involved. The millyard discussed below is where FIRST HQ is located and is where I used to go many years for the annual conferences. Sometimes we were even invited to dinner - all 80 of us - at Dean's awesome house. The article sort of reminds me of Williamsburg where I taught and the transition it went through -- some have referred to it as a nightmare. Let's hope Dean's plans for the millyard work out better.

A Millyard Transitions From Textiles to Tech

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