Thursday, March 9, 2017

JHS 145 Hearing: DOE Incompetence Exposed as Crowd Calls De Blasio "1 term Mayor"

Elizabeth Rose Doesn't Look Very Happy 1-term mayor talk at hearing
One of the more shocking aspects of Monday night's hearing to close JHS 145 were the shouts from the mostly black and Latino audience calling for de Blasio to be a one term mayor. For a minute I thought I was in Staten Island. Hearing those words from what is considered to be de Blasio's major constituency seemed to wake up Farina's top gun, Elizabeth Rose (above).

At the end of the hearing, Rose, reading from the same old Joel Klein script, detailed the reasons JHS 145 must close. Shades of the old DOE ghoul, John White.

Farina recently talked about public education while she and her crew are actually helping Trump and DeVos put a stake in the heart of pubed with their incompetent management of the system --- as Leonie pointed out yesterday - Leonie: The egregious failure of DOE's Renewal program - and the likely illegal proposal to close JHS 145

Also see the New York Times piece on the crap going on over at Townsend Harris --- see the student response to their reporting being branded "fake news" by a DOE official, who should be demoted to the classroom.

And a few more pics from the crew at Monday's hearing:

MORE's MYRIE - who took us on a nieghborhood tour after the meeting

Crowd calls for one term for deB

The great and ever present Aixa

Jim Donahue lays it on the DOE

Even the ability to get more students of color in the top schools have been a failure:
Four years after New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio railed against the way students are admitted to some of the city’s top high schools on the campaign trail, black and Hispanic students are still rarely accepted into the elite schools. Only 10 percent of offers at specialized schools went to black and Hispanic students, even though those populations comprise about 70 percent of city students. Chalkbeat, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, New York Post, Politico New York, Patch, NY1

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