Thursday, March 9, 2017

Fight Farina Assault on Teacher Rights: Friday 9:30 - In Defense of a Chapter Leader Under 3020a Dismissal Charges

Chancellor Carmen Farina, who can't leave too soon, tries to hide her anti-teacher attacks behind the superintendents who she appoints. What do Central Park East 1, JHS 145x and Townsend Harris have in common? I'm betting a senior staff and too much teacher autonomy -- people who roll their eyes at the useless PDs and top-down dictums.

Tomorrow (Friday) is another hearing date for Marilyn Martinez, chapter leader of Central Park East 1 in east Harlem. Marilyn is too strong a teacher and leader for  Farina's taste. Even if they don't get to fire her, a major goal is to get her out of the school to strengthen principal Monika Garg who was put in a year and a half ago to undermine the teachers and the school.

The Farina 'my way or high way" record of dismissing parent and teacher concerns is legendary. There is increasing push back from politicians -- see New York Times  where there are calls to make the process of choosing principals more transparent --- the actual answer is to end mayoral control.

Parents are organizing as they did last week when 50 parents showed up on Thursday and Friday, many taking time off from work. Despite threats of snow, expect a strong group to show up again. I intend to go back -- witnessing this type of response is heartening in disheartening times.

If you are a retired teacher come on down to 100 Gold Street starting at 9:30.

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