Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Opt Out Parents Fight Feral Farina's Raging Assault on Parents

When Farina and the DOE goons act like little Trumps we must

We know Farina has targeted schools with high opt out rates. I am suspicious that the attack on CPE 1 and its staff and parents is connected to their high opt out rate. When Farina hench people put in Monika Garg as principal one of her early acts was to try to institute test prep, eliciting a giant WTF.

This came in from from NYC Opt Out.
We are hearing from some of you that your administration is insisting parents meet with them if you are considering opting your child out of the tests. We have seen a number of these letters come through other districts in the state as well, which makes us think this is a directive from the state/city DOE (like last year). Some are quite aggressive.

Can you all please snap a photo of the one you might receive or have already received and share it here, or on FB? [Email any  photos to me at and I'll connect you.]
We have a directive for parents who are getting push back from their administration, and though the DOE FAQ states
that the principal "should offer to meet with the parent", in no way does this mean it's mandatory. Both Betty Rosa
and your Regent should be notified, as well as Tish James.

Many parents may not feel comfortable going against their principal's directive, but it is still your right to refuse (an act of civil disobedience you cannot be told how to do!) It was suggested that if you meet with your principal/AP, you let them know you will record the meeting for your records.

Attached here, you will find our new opt out flyer (Spanish version on it's way!) Thank you Ilana for the beautiful lay out!
There are directives in here for what to do if you experience push back from Administration. Please use it, share it and know that the way we intend this to go out is with a simple opt out (Refusal) letter on the back side.

We are 2 weeks away from the ELA exams. We need all the help we can get to share the postcards and flyers, especially to schools who have little knowledge or support about their rights.

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