Thursday, March 2, 2017

Does DNC Perez Choice Kill the Party or Vice Versa?

Here are the question(s) of the moment:

Are the Dems committing suicide with the Perez election which at this point is centrist, related to Obama and the Clintons - the former "new" Democrats of the 90s that tacked right?

Are the Dems killing themselves by moving too far left -- ie. see McGovern, c. 1972 when the pre-Trump Nixon won election for a 2nd term overwhelmingly?

I was hanging with people who see the Bernie wing as the crazies. Are we so trapped in our bubble or is the bubble spreading?

So many of us are put off by the centrist Democrats who don't want to touch economic issues. I just saw Perez once again bring up the Putin crap while in another clip Bernie says that paying attention to economic disparity is the unifying factor.

Democratic Party suicide?

What is the NY Times trying to say? They ran the story of Tom Perez getting elected to head the Democratic National Committee on the obituary page. H/T Peter Kuttner.
Download the podcast: Hitting Left with the Klonsky Brothers.

Without Progressive Opposition, Trump Will Win in 2020 and Beyond


  1. I prefer to remain in my Bernie bubble if the other option du jour is Booker.

    Abigail Shure

    1. I feel exactly that way, too. Thank you for your honesty.

  2. Indeed, I voted grudgingly voted for Hillary, but would under no circumstances ever vote for the deceptive, insufferably smarmy and insipid Booker. If he's the nominee, it would be objective proof that the Dems want to lose.

    1. I see no difference between one status quo dem and another. That's why I refused to hold my nose and vote for Hillary. I understand all the intelligent arguments made by people like you and Norm but my mind has not changed. The dems have no incentive to change if people continue to hold their nose and vote for them. Perez is proof the dems want the status quo. I get Norm's point about the danger of one Party but I cannot bring myself to support a Party that continues to stab us in the back every chance it gets. I have to vote for their enemy no matter what that results in. Perhaps it's not rational thinking. Perhaps it is. But it doesn’t matter to me at this point. My hatred for the dems who betrayed us supersedes my hatred for right-wing nut jobs obsessed with women’s reproduction, consenting adults having sex with or marrying genders of their choosing and their latest obsession-- the genitalia of whoever is using the bathroom stall next to them. (Oh the horror of spying through the crack of a bathroom stall and getting a passing flash of penis or vagina! What will they do when congress puts up a wall between them and any chance of federally funded mental health support?) Roseanne McCosh

  3. I just registered as a Green, but it doesn't take effect until after this year's general election! The whole thing is rigged!


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