Monday, March 6, 2017

Can They Close a Zoned School Without CEC 9 Vote?

One of the major issues Joel Klein and crew pushed as to have CECs eliminate zoning lines - the reason being so they could close even zoned schools without push back from the local CECs

Leonie sent this interesting info:

Meeting tonight at JHS 145 about the closure of the school.  Please attend if you can – more info attached and below. 
As this is a zoned school it’s not clear to me how they can close it without a vote of CEC 9.  

CEC 7 voted to eliminate zoning lines in the district but not CEC 9.  Please correct me if I’m wrong.
For more on this issue, see this: 

In addition, though DOE promised to focus its class size reduction efforts on the Renewal schools, there are still classes as large  as 30 at this  school, according to DOE data, as well as a lack of bilingual teachers etc.  

All of which is unconscionable especially for a school with so many ELLs (43% according to Inside Schools), if not illegal.
 Lisa Donlan chipped in affirming Leonie's points:
Sternberg and OPP worked with CECs to remove zone lines in  a number of districts but only D7 and D 23 actually did so.
They join D1 as the only all choice  community districts in NYC.
D1 started out with a form of controlled choice to control for fairness and equity but the controls were removed with Bloomberg/ mayoral control.
We have been advocating for a return to more equitable form of student assignment ever since.
BDB administration not much better on inequity and Sheraton, offering scattershot DIY fig leaf approach instead of meaningful structural change.
Maintaining bubbles of privilege works for the real estate industry as well as the well off families in NYC public schools.

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