Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Community Education Council, District 9, Bronx Votes 7-1 Against Closing JHS 145 - A zoned school---

... thus making it illegal for the PEP to vote to close it Weds night.
Watch Eva throw a fit and all her allies to go nuts attacking everyone they can.

I have to say that my experience at the March 6 hearing made me fall in love with the teachers from the school who spoke. You can see some of their videos here

But since there was word that Farina said that JHS 145 would stay open over her dead body... who knows what may happen at the PEP? But a big group of MOREs will be joining with whatever UFT leaders show up to stand with the school. As for what happened at Monday's Ex bd meeting regarding our reso, we'll report more on that -- but MORE will also be active at the DA before the PEP and many of us will leave the DA early to get on the speakers list. A big group of parents from CPE 1 will also be joining us at the PEP meeting and we will be working with them in their struggle too.

Kudos to Tish James for standing up for the school. If she were to run against de Blasio she would be my choice for mayor. On education over the years she has been one of the better people on the whole.

Leonie Haimson reports on her blog:

Letter from the Public Advocate: Why the Renewal schools should not be closed - & how the closure of JHS 145 is illegal 

 Tonight the Community Education Council in District 9 in the Bronx voted 7-1 against the closure of the zoned renewal school JHS 145.  If the Panel for Educational Policy votes tomorrow to close the school anyway it will be illegal, for the reasons stated below in the letter from the Public Advocate Tish James, Class Size Matters and Marilyn Espada, President of CEC9.. 

In any case, the members should vote against the closures of these six Renewal schools.  The DOE has refused to follow through in its promises to the state to reduce class size in the Renewal schools and to provide their students with sufficient bilingual teachers and classes.  It is the DOE which has failed and should be held accountable --  not these schools.



  1. Where is deBladio on all this as he has the most appointees on the PEP? If the PEP votes against closing, I don't think FariƱa can override. Are they both so bamboozled by Eva? What vacancy she do to them? Run off to Cuomo?

  2. Not to be too harsh (OK, to be too harsh), but IS 145 staying open over Farina's dead body sounds like an excellent deal.


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