Friday, March 17, 2017

Memo From The RTC: Gala Party Celebrates 2016, Preps for 2017 Shows, Plus Video Highlites of 2016 season

I was part of the 3 man crew that edited this video. Looking through 12 hours of season footage left us with tough choices as what to put in. This could have been an hour ling.

RTC 2016 Season Retrospective from Rockaway Theatre Company on Vimeo.

Memo From The RTC:  Gala Party Celebrates 2016, Preps for 2017 Shows
By Norm Scott
With the kids’ shows completed (Willie Wonka and Singin’ in The Rain), there’s nothing like a multi-generational party, covering a range of 60 years, where everyone is bound by the Rockaway Theatre Company experience, to celebrate last years’ shows and get everyone ready for the coming adult season (A Chorus Line, Rumors, The Producers, Elephant Man and Rockaway Café).
On March 10, the casts and crews of the shows from the 2016 Rockaway Theatre Company season were invited to attend a celebration of last season at El Caribe in Brooklyn. With the teens from the Young People’s workshop included, ages of the partygoers ranged from 14 to me, a newly minted 72-year old (actually I think were a few people a bit older than me but I wasn’t going around asking ages). A slide show of stills from the season brought back memories and a 15 minute video of season highlights of all the shows (Shrek, Sunshine Boys, Follies, La Cage Aux Folles, Wait Until Dark, The Toxic Avenger) played to cheers from the crowd.
The dance floor was alive. (Even my wife and I ventured out.) And make no mistake, when you are at a party with RTC performers, you will see professional level dancing. All of La Cagelles dancers from La Cage Aux Folles were present. They bonded so much during the show, watching them greet each other was quite a treat. One of the highlights of the evening took place when many in the cast of the upcoming Chorus Line gave us an impromptu preview of  what is to come. So….
Make your reservations NOW for A Chorus Line  at or call 718-374-6400. Don't miss this one folks!
Update: The role of Kathy Selden in “Singin’ in the Rain” was played by Skye Smyth.

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