Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Lack of Decision as Yet on Janus Causes UFT to Postpone this Week's Delegate Assembly?

Huh? Apparently, the UFT had expected a decision by now. I guess they are hoping there will be one by next week when the DA is now scheduled to meet. Some are speculating about the delay, but it is not unusual for the Supreme Court to release major decisions late in June.

Reports are that once the decision is out, the UFT will consider laying staff off and forcing some staff members into retirement to cut costs. A recent report by Mike Antonucci point to the NEA and the California Teachers Association making roughly 10% budget cuts, which might indicate they expect 10% of their membership to leave the union.

Some of us were speculating today at the delay in the decision. Is it possible the red state teacher revolts in right to work states had some influence in the deliberations? I don't expect the Court to go the other way than expected but they might offer states some wriggle room to protect local unions if they see fit.

Or not.

At any rate we may see a changed landscape as the UFT for the first time in a long time has to hustle to keep its membership. Improving services and responsiveness seems to be on the minds of some. (AMY ARUNDELL APOLOGIZES TO MEMBER PUT ON HOLD AND DISCONNECTED)

Of course, if the UFT reduces staff their ability to offer services may suffer. On the other hand if they get rid of the dead weight it may not make a difference.


  1. My guess is the level of services provided by the UFT will not be lowered by a reduction in forces.

    Abigail Shure

  2. Many of the UFT’s workers are already retired or receiving two salaries - one from the UFT and the other from the DOE. I’m not crying in my beer over them. They’ll have to go back to the classroom probably as an ATR. Now that’s what I call delicious!

  3. Alabama here we come. They want to turn NYC into Fregan Alabama. THey want a yankee to be a fregan bama mama and the whole system is a joke because they want to privatize the system. Politicians do not want to manage public schools any longer. Ridding the Gov of the public schools is just another way for the private industry to jump in and try to privatize the multi multi billion dollar market. So now we have Janus and the UFT. The UFT has been shafting members not really doing anything for members. Meanwhile members in the schools quietly chat how the UFT does nothing for members and they are all having pizza parties and celebrating at fancy steak houses with members money.

    So, Janus is bogus but here is my prediction. Janus will not win the supreme court decision. The court will side with the unions after seeing what is going on with the KOch bros - no pun intended - and all the other haters out there that want to see unions in the public sector break.


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