Thursday, June 14, 2018

NY1 Reports on Abusive Port Richmond HS Principal Oneatha Swinton

See below for the June 13 NY1 report on the principal.

Ed Notes has covered the Port Richmond story. Here is a short video I shot at the PEP:
People from the school have been in touch through an intermediary. Swinton has a bad rep from her old school at the John Jay Campus in Brooklyn and supposedly has brought along a number of her cronies. One of the MORE people had been chapter leader at the Brooklyn school and said she was awful. Yet, she will probably get appointed, thus continuing the tradition of putting in DOE slugs.

I am urging people who are willing to take a stand against abusive principals publicly to show up and sign up to speak at PEP meetings directly to the chancellor. Tell your stories for public consumption. The next PEP is next Weds, June 20 at Prospect Hts campus.

I'm also working with James Eterno on a plan to gather people from various high schools together to come up with joint strategies and maybe joint actions, including how to get people in their own schools on board. This summer we will hold some behind the scenes meetings. At the June 22 ICE meeting we will talk about the feasibility.

New details have emerged about the interim acting principal at Staten Island's Port Richmond High School.

Oneatha Swinton was appointed to PRHS as interim acting principal last July. Now the city Education Department is considering making her temporary appointment permanent, despite multiple complaints made by parents and teachers.

Swinton previously was principal at John Jay high school in Brooklyn.

When she left the Education Department's Office of Special Investigation had been looking into complaints by parents, alleging on cronyism and transparency.

That inquiry continues and others have since launched, including one looking at allegations she drives a car registered to a Pennsylvania address also used by an Education Department contractor.

Other complaints allege spending more than $400,000 on unnecessary positions for her friends and inflating grades to boost graduation rates.
Parents and teachers say they also have filed complaints with the governor's office which referred them to the state Education Department. That agency declined to comment as did Swinton. 
City Councilwoman Debi Rose downplays the concerns, telling NY1, "How many people that are in positions of power that are under investigation have been under investigation? And I don't think it's fair until you know, all of that's been, gone through the process and been decided."
NY1 has learned that two other principals considered for the position were told they would not get the job back in April, leaving only Swinton as a potential candidate.
Still, despite the ongoing investigations the Department of Education insists that the selection process continues.

Acting Port Richmond principal likely to win post amid probes

By Amanda Farinacci  |  June 13, 2018 @11:59 AM
Video at

Acting Port Richmond principal likely to win post amid probes

By Amanda Farinacci  |  June 13, 2018 @11:59 AM

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