Friday, June 1, 2018

The Battle for Paradise: Resisting Disaster Capitalism in Puerto Rico - June 6

Some of our pals in the FMPR are coming to town. That is my anniversary - 47 years - and we have some plans so I won't be able to make this but anyone with interest should try. Pre-register - the Great Hall at Cooper Union is historic - it is where Lincoln gave his major speech on slavery that propelled him to the presidency.

And Naomi Klein moderating is a biggie.

The Battle for Paradise: Resisting Disaster Capitalism in Puerto Rico

On Wednesday, June 6, Naomi Klein will moderate a panel at Cooper Union on  Disaster Capitalism in Puerto Rico and its Resistance.   Our teacher friends from the FMPR ,Edwin L Morales Laboy and Ana Guzmán-González  (both sit on the executive board) will be there. Discussion on how a radical, resilient vision for Puerto Rico's post-Maria recovery struggles against shock politics and disaster capitalism.

Support our brothers and sisters who are fighting for their students and communities as schools on the island are being closed, and teachers and students are being attack.
Attend the event and share the info widely.

Pre- registration suggested.

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