Thursday, August 9, 2018

NYSUT/UFT State Endorsements - Endorse IDC Alcantrara, Stab Robert Jackson in the Back - Again

Hard to understand NYSUT endorsement of IDC Alcantara not only b/c of Robert Jackson’s stellar education record but also b/c Alcantara is one of the biggest recipients of donations from the charter lobby incl the billionaires boys club Waltons, Daniel Loeb, etc. etc. .....
Paul Tudor Jones, Hedge Funds, Charter Schools, an..

When Cuomo "brokered" the "return" of the IDC to the Dems he began twisting the arms of the unions and others to support them against challengers....
There has been no one more loyal to teachers, parents and students than Robert Jackson and many of us appreciate it (I just sent him a 100 bucks). But not the UFT or their clones in NYSUT.

I published a few pieces including  a letter from the dissident Ex Bd members urging them to not endorse any IDC backstabbers.
Here are the NYSUT endorsements including Marisol Alcantara vs Robert Jackson.

They did endorse Zelnor Myrie against IDC Jesse Hamilton.

There were no endorsements in the Biaggi/Klein, Ramos/Peralta, Robinson or Liu/Avella races.

They endorsed Gounardes over Barkan to face Marty Golden.  Dilan over Salazaz.

There are 4 races where they did not endorse plus nothing on the gubernatorial primary while endorsing Letitia James and Thomas DiNapoli.


  1. Is it really? Alcantara was instrumental in passing the law that will minimize the effects of the Janus decision, which imposes a right to work regime on all public sector employees, including teachers. As a union, stopping freeloaders is critical if UFT and NYSUT will continue to thrive. This was the highest priority of the union, and she delivered. That and she voted in line with UFT and NYSUT's positions. If the charter school people want to give her money, so what, if she always ends up voting with the UFT and NYSUT. That is just them investing badly.

  2. It’s notable that not one single person has publicly explained why the NYSUT sided with the candidate of those who seek to privatize our public schools over a man who’s worked harder than anybody for them. Not Randi, Carl, Andy Pallotta. All too ashamed. So here we have “Anonymous” explaining something resembling the truth; Alcantara’s support will allow union bosses to live large off the contributions of rank and file without actually doing any work.

    1. Well, thanks to the imposition of Right to Work conditions on all public employees, you can in fact stop supporting the union financially, while continuing to benefit from the contract terms....

  3. I am profoundly disappointed that the union endorsed David Carlucci, an IDC member, over his opponent. The contest was narrow enough for the endorsement to have actually mattered.


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