Thursday, September 13, 2018

Primary Election Day - Nixon, Williams and Teachout Plus Labor Day Photos

Talking politics with Arthur, Patrick, Moi and Mindy at Labor Day Parade


James Eterno gives a great reason to vote for Tish James - she came to the defense of his school when they closed it --
-- but I can't get over the real estate industry's going nuts against Teachout. She is the best chance to go after real estate, which benefits from public works that they don't want to contribute to pay for -- ie. see expensive 2nd Ave subway and how much property values rose. Or check out Williamsburg which became expensive due to the L train.

Eve seems to be a stalking horse for Cuomo. Shaun Patrick Maloney  is just that too. (Harry Lirtzman laid him out on FB.) If so many power brokers don't want Teachout to win she is my gal -- and I, like Eterno, always liked Tish James. She works for Verizon for Christ's sake. I also don't care for people like her and Cuomo who are political princes and princesses based on parents. It's like they inherit their rights.

The vote for Nixon was easy. Any educator who votes for Cuomo is nuts. Also consider that Nixon supports our right to strike. Cuomo and our union leaders don't seem to agree.

The other day the national morning show in CBS had a report that 66% of the American public thinks teachers should have the right to strike.

I got to take some selfies with Jumaane Williams and Zephyr Teachout at the Labor Day parade.

I'd vote for Mindy too if I could

Arthur Goldstein, Ellen Fox, Patrick Walsh and Mindy Rosier

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