Sunday, September 23, 2018

UFT Citywide Chapter Leader Meeting - High Security is an Issue for Some

I was downstairs handing out ANOTHER VIEW at the chapter leader meeting on Thursday, which had been postponed from the previous week - we're guessing due to the primary the next day., which might explain the relatively poor attendance, around 600 is my guess, given that there are around 1800 schools and supposedly that many chapter leaders. But who's counting?

The lines to get in at times were enormous as chapter leaders had to exchange the cards they received in the mail for another one. An announcement was made that this meeting was ONLY for CLs - not even school elected delegates or those like us who have to sit in the visitor's section. So security was tight - with a bunch of people checking cards downstairs and upstairs. After all, we wouldn't want too much info to get out to UFT members.

Luckily Arthur Goldstein was there to report: UFT Chapter Leader Meeting September 20th, 2018

and James Eterno to write commentary at the ICE-UFT blog comments:


I would think that the leadership would aim to be a bit more user friendly, especially to chapter leaders and other school wide electeds  in these times. The UFT needs to focus on a broader base of members than just the chapter leader who can easily get overloaded, suffer under enormous pressure if standing up to the principal or even end up succumbing to that pressure, which leaves the members in deep limbo and subject to entreaties that ask: What is the union doing to protect you from evil principals or dumb DOE officialdom work rules?


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