Monday, September 10, 2018

State Education Department under fire for embargoing test scores - NY Post

“If the scores are there, why the heck aren’t they releasing them?” asked Carol Burris, a former Long Island principal and testing critic.
“Embargo and double talk surrounding the 2018 results are just one more example of how we are kept in the dark,” said Fred Smith, a former test specialist for NYC public schools.
 “One can only speculate that they want to delay the release until after school has begun and they have figured out how to portray the results in a positive light,” said education advocate Leonie Haimson.
----- State Education Department under fire for embargoing test scores
 Sue Edelman has quotes from three of our favorite people. Her article speculates that the embargo is due to the primary election as a way to possibly protect Cuomo from attacks by Nixon, an educational activist, in case scores are not very good. This point is also made: "The state could also be tinkering with the “cut scores” — where to set the lines between passing and failing — to shape the overall results." That is always a given -- that they will tinker to make things look the way they want.

Leonie issued this disclaimer about the election speculation:
"I’m quoted here about the fact that I’m suspicious about delay in NYSED releasing student test scores to parents/public but want to make clear I do NOT think it has anything to do with elections or geared to help Cuomo as might be implied by the position of my quote  in the article."
I can't figure out why they will be out so late, especially since late September makes them even more useless than usual since the tests were last April and May. I can believe anything about Cuomo, even this.

State Education Department under fire for embargoing test scores

September 8, 2018

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