Monday, February 18, 2019

UPDATED: 90% of Forest Hills HS Staff Votes No Confidence in Principal Ben Sherman

Hi Norm
Got some news for you concerning Our beloved Principal Sherman.  The faculty voted 195-21 that Ben Sherman is the wrong individual to lead our school.  A No Confidence vote was held Thursday and over 90% of faculty rejected his leadership.
Thanks. Can I publish on the blog? -- Norm
Please do.  The Principal and the Superintendent mendez are avid readers of your blog.  When you Google his name, the blogs are almost all that come up?
Arthur has a great piece up on the story with more info.

Forest Hills High School UFT Votes No Confidence in Principal Ben Sherman 195-21 

I left this comment at NYC Educator: UFT leaders have know about this situation for a year. There needs to be more than bringing these stories up to the chancellor once a month. 90% vote of no confidence should strike a note somewhere. We need to see a public response from the UFT, not backdoor negotiating.

Chaz chimes in:

Here are some blogs published by James and me.

Teachers from Forest Hills HS have touched base with James Eterno and Mike Schirtzer, who forwarded this to Ed Notes.
Abusive Principal Ben Sherman: Forest Hills HS Teachers Issue Declaration of Independence



  1. Norm:

    I have writing about both Ben Sherman and Juan Mendez for years. Just read my blog.

  2. Yes Chaz - I try to add links when I post. Juan Mendez has been there for a decade. Time to go.


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