Sunday, February 24, 2019

Forest Hills/Ben Sherman Update - A Parent Speaks to Us, NY Post Front Page, Is UFT Working Behind Scenes?

It's bloggers' field days over the FHHS story.
My reports so far - with links to other bloggers:
 Today's NY Post Sue Edelman story on front page:

This should finish Principal Ben Sherman off - DOE hates publicity like this -- but the  key guy here is Queens HS Supt Mendez. Time to demand his tenure end.

The Problems At Forest Hills High School Makes The Newspapers While The DOE Expresses Little Concern - The problems at Forest Hills High School has reached the newspapers as the *New York Post *and the *Queens Chronicle* have articles dealin... 

It's PARTY TIME at Forest Hills High School! - At least, that's the clear implication I see here: *Principal Ben Sherman, who joined Forest Hills in 2017, shrugs off the pot-puffing — saying “it’s goi... 

A parent at the school has been in touch and I may have more info later.


  1. I know him from his prior school. He is a vicious human being! I knew it was only a matter of time until I heard a negative story about him. I was just surprised it wasn't related to a hostile word environment or sexual harassment. The teachers in that school were powerless against him. It seemed as though there was no union support. I feel so happy for the teachers at Forest Hills HS that they are not allowing him to continue to bully his staff. Sweet Poetic Justice!!!

  2. Yes, but this behavior for a principal is inexcusable for any school - high performing or low performing. I just hate to think that if Sherman was at a low performing school, it wouldn't be as big a deal. Look at Dwarka at Bryant.


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