Friday, February 8, 2019

Chicago CORE Caucus Holds Internal Election

Slate Z has won the Leadership Slate Run-Off election.... FB post
I think there's something brewing in Chicago but I am not clear exactly what yet. With a general union election coming this May, the ruling CORE caucus is picking a slate. But in what seems very unusual, they had to hold an internal election. That would be like Unity holding an internal election to decide who is running for president in the general union election. There certainly seems to be some divisions in CORE, and from what I've heard, somewhat analogous to what went on here in MORE. Except in MORE they just throw you out if you disagree. Well, some people in CORE did try to purge the late George Schmidt and failed (CORE Attempted Purge of One of Founders George Schmidt Failed in Chicago - Eight Women of Color Speak on George's Behalf).

Mike Schirtzer sent me some links. Here is what info I have: Slate Z won with 63% of the vote over Slate W. Now check the people on the losing side - slate W - which lost almost 2-1. I don't have any info on what the issues were that caused this division - caucuses within a caucus -- actually, when MORE first former I argued that there were factions in the room and maybe that should be recognized. Recently I've been attending Democratic Socialist (DSA) meetings and discovered that they too have internal caucuses.

Sharon Schmidt has been trying to keep Substance updated. Here is her post from Feb. 1 with the W slate.

CORE slate endorsement from CTU Recording Secretary Michael Brunson

As the Caucus of Rank and File Educators (CORE) chooses its slate for the May 2019 union elections in an online vote this week, long-time CORE member and CTU Recording Secretary Michael Brunson urged CORE voters to support Slate W:

President: Jesse Sharkey
Vice President: Jackie Ward
Recording Secretary: Nancy Serrano
Financial Secretary: Tammie Vinson

For Trustees:
Drew Heisserman
Nancy Serrano
Tammie Vinson
Alison Eichhorn
Lois Ward

Does this mean the people who have been running the CTU for 9 years did not win?

Here are some FB comments with hints of the divisions:
This was a win for principles and CORE values. Never before has the ruling caucus had to win an election. Just like we made history when we forced Rahm into a runoff. Those that value transparency and democracy won when we pushed the machine to a runoff. We have a Machine leadership whose campaign tactics reflect their expertise in being “King makers” and “election strategy” and “campaign tactics”. It’s a shame what they did to Drew and Allison. 
Phew. That's a heavy comment on the leadership. Here is a peace gesture:
 Now it’s time to unite and defend CORE
Unity for the Municipal elections

Hopefully we will that right

Karen: “...if we want justice then we have to change the political landscape.”

(Reference to upcoming municipal elections)
We'll update if more info comes in.

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