Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Oakland Teacher Strike - Picket at School Board Meeting

Bring everybody. We must stop the treasonous school board from voting for more budget cuts

Pete Farruggio, PhD
Associate Professor, Bilingual Education (retired)
University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

No business as usual.

Today at 3pm the community will be joined by OEA in picketing the school board meeting.  This is our chance to demand no business as usual.  Our school board and superintendent must settle a fair contract with our teachers and answer serious questions about the budget before they hold any more meetings.  At this meeting the school board is planning on voting to cut $3M directly from our school and layoff nearly 150 central staff.  We need an all out effort to shut it down.  

We will start the picket lines at 3pm.  Our goal is to not have the school board cross our picket lines.  A prayer vigil is scheduled for 5pm and a community/OEA press briefing at 5:30.  

If the school board decides to cross our picket, many of us are prepared to shut the meeting down and hold the space as long as we can.

We are expecting a big turnout but we need your help inviting your networks to join us.  It’s time to send the school board a clear message.

Join the community picket line 3-6pm at Wednesday’s school board meeting.  No business as usual.  The school board can not be allowed to convene and vote on budget issues while the teachers are on strike.  Join us.
Mike Hutchinson
OPEN Oakland Public Education Network

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