Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Wednesday May 1 5:30 at Cipriani -- NYC Teachers, Students and Activists to Protest Secretary of Education Betsy Devos As She Receives an Award

Join teachers, students, and activists outside of Cipriani 42nd St. to protest Betsy DeVos's return to New York as she receives an award from a think tank. DeVos has worked tirelessly to expand federal vouchers and cut education spending. DeVos backs Trump’s proposal to cut education spending by $8.5 billion in 2020, eliminating more than two dozen programs that help public schools, including teacher development, academic support and enrichment, and after-school activities.

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WHO: Rise and Resist, Revolting Lesbians, United Federation of Teachers, Class Size Matters, New York Collective of Radical Educators
WHAT: Betsy Devos Protest
WHEN: Wednesday, May 1st, 5:30 - 6:30 pm
WHERE: Cipriani 42nd Street, 110 East 42nd St., New York, NY

NYC Teachers, Students and Activists to Protest Secretary of Education Betsy Devos As She Receives an Award
New Yorkers Speak Out Against Privatization Policies That Hurt Low-Income Students

Conservative think tank Manhattan Institute is scheduled to give Secretary of Education Betsy Devos on Wednesday. The award was “created to honor those individuals helping to foster the revitalization of our nation’s cities.” Tickets for the dinner cost up to $100,000. 

NYC educators, students, and taxpayers know that rather than benefit city students, Devos’s policies could harm most students in their city though proposed budget cuts, elimination of after-school programs, and encouraging discrimination against transgender students. Chanting “Not a single budget cut!” and holding signs stating “Betsy Devos Destroys Public Education”, concerned citizens will take to the streets outside the award ceremony at Cipriani on 42nd street to convey their concerns: Devos is nowhere near qualified to hold the Secretary of Education post, her views on the privatization of education are dangerous, and we will not tolerate her refusal to protect all students. 

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