Friday, January 24, 2020

Bernie takes hits from left and right for Apology to Biden on Corruption

The fallout over the Zepher Teachout piece in The Guardian saying Biden is corrupt ('Middle Class' Joe Biden has a corruption problem) ...continues even after Bernie apologized, saying he doesn't believe Biden is corrupt.
Bernie is both right and wrong. Is Biden corrupt - or rather more corrupt than most other politicians? I think Biden is a normally corrupt politician  and I don't blame Bernie for playing politics to try to keep a coalition together to beat Trump. But the left and Fox commentators (of course) criticize Bernie for saying he's sorry for the Teachout article. But she makes some very important points.

I watched some comments on Tucker Carlson and others on Fox who wanted Bernie to slam Warren and - of course they would -- but some of what they said had some truth - Bernie does not have killer instinct - they felt if he went all Trump he could be a massive force. Remember this is how Trump took over the Republican Party. Bernie will not be able to do the same to the Dem party because this is not Bernie personality. If it was Hillary would never have taken that recent hit at Bernie. But I prefer Bernie as he is and not as a Trump clone. 

But we do get that there are many people who do not love the Dem party and lean toward Bernie the more the attacks come. (I saw some doozies on The View the other day.)

Here is some commentary on the issue.

Churchill: Zephyr Teachout is right about Joe Biden

2 days ago - ALBANY — Earlier this week, Zephyr Teachout called out the corrupting influence of corporate money in politics. Nothing new there. The fight ...

Sanders Apologizes to Biden for Surrogate's Critique - The ...

3 days ago - Senator Bernie Sanders apologized to Joseph R. Biden Jr. on Monday after a Sanders campaign surrogate wrote an opinion article accusing the former vice president of having “a big corruption problem.” Mr. Sanders distanced himself from the piece by Zephyr Teachout, an associate ...
3 days ago - Teachout detailed three major areas of concern: Biden's prioritization of the financial industry over working Americans, his ties to the healthcare ...


  1. Biden will be exposed. Ukraine copied Russia in doling out the nations assets to criminals. Nothing else explains the energy and coordination that the establishment have harnessed to smother it all. Hillary was supposed to win, and we would never have heard of Hunter Biden.

    First they ignore you. Then they laugh at you. Then they fight you. Then you win. Gandhi.

  2. Bernie should break from the party and run as a democratic socialist. His supporters will stand by him. The Democratic party is going down.


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