Friday, February 14, 2020

Bloomberg Daughter Secretly Marries Ed Deform/FES Slug Kittredge, De Blasio Appoints Merryl Tisch Daughter, Carville Agrees with Trump in calling Bernie a communist

Will Jeremiah Kittredge be Bloomberg's Jared Kushner? Remember that Bloomberg will fire Betsy DeVos and replace her with Eva Moskowitz who was Trump''s first choice.
And does Jessica Tisch need another government job handed out by our so-called progressive mayor? (Did the Tisches give to his bogus pres campaign and is this payback - a quid pro quo?) And how funny that both Trump and James Carville call Bernie a communist - birds of a feather?
A couple of interesting bits on two daughters of NY billionaires connected to ed deform. Jeremiah was head of astroturf Family for Excellent Schools (FES) and note this: "The charges stemmed from a woman’s complaint that Kittredge, during an education conference at a Washington, DC, hotel, “sticks his head in my chest” in an elevator and commented on her “big boobs,” POLITICO reported."

Perfect son-in-law from sexist Bloomberg.

Mike Bloomberg's daughter Emma secretly marries Jeremiah Kittredge

Sue Edelman had the story from a tip:
(If link doesn't work see story below).

And remember that Bloomberg as presdent will destroy

In Dec., Merryl Tisch’s daughter Jessica was appointed by de Blasio as Commissioner of Dept of Information Technology – formerly at NYPD in charge of counter-terrorism and surveillance. 

Merryl Tisch was the Regents agent of ed deform and a close ally of Bloomberg who I think  may be her next door neighbor - when we protested at Bloomberg's home in 2010 we were hitting two birds with one stone. I mean does another billionaire daughter need a job in govt?

Ed Notes took some shots at poor Jessica over the years:

You Mean, That Jessica Tisch? 

March 9, 2014: NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton names Jessica Tisch as deputy commissioner of information and technology

Apr 15, 2008
Today's Post includes an op-ed calling for voters to decide on term limits so Bloomberg can run again. The piece claims Bloomberg has outperformed, citing his record in improving the schools. It's written by a Jessica Tisch, ...
Apr 07, 2009
I wrote about the ridiculous NY Post editorial her "brilliant" daughter Jessica sent supporting Bloomberg's 3rd term: "Average Citizen" Jessica Tisch Calls For Bloomberg 3rd Term. Posted by Norm @ ed notes online at
May 15, 2011
... in decisions concerning our children. Leonie Haimson: Merryl Tisch's daughter Jessica , wrote that oped in favor of overturning term limits and a third term for Bloomberg, based upon his terrific record at running our schools.

Here's some more:

and see this 2008 oped she wrote for the NYP supporting overturning term limits so Bloomberg could run a third time:

By most measures of successful urban management, Mayor Bloomberg has outperformed. His administration has presided over extensive real-estate development in the city, improved schools and reduced crime.

Here's the full NY Post piece from

Mike Bloomberg’s daughter Emma has married for the second time, quietly tying the knot with Jeremiah Kittredge, the scandal-scarred former CEO of a group that advocated for charter schools, The Post has learned.
Emma, 40, the billionaire’s elder of two daughters, and Kittredge, 33, have kept their wedding a closely-held secret for a year — never announcing the divorce from her first husband or the new nuptials.
The marriage was confirmed Saturday amid Bloomberg’s run for the 2020 Democratic president nomination.
Rabbi Daniel Gropper of the Community Synagogue of Rye in Westchester County officiated at the ceremony, which was held in New York City, a source said.
The couple could not be reached for comment. A spokesman for the Bloomberg presidential campaign did not respond to questions.
Before, the only hint of Emma’s re-marriage came in a previously unnoticed January 2019 synagogue newsletter. It welcomes the couple and Emma’s daughter from her first marriage, Zelda, as new members, and wishes them “Mazel Tov,” or good luck, on their marriage.
Kittredge led the once prominent Families for Excellent Schools, which spent nearly $10 million on TV ads and lobbying for charter schools in 2014, after Mayor de Blasio succeeded Bloomberg as Mayor. Kittredge was an outspoken critic of the city’s public schools.
But the group imploded in early 2018. First, it fired Kittredge over accusations of “inappropriate behavior” by a non-employee. The charges stemmed from a woman’s complaint that Kittredge, during an education conference at a Washington, DC, hotel, “sticks his head in my chest” in an elevator and commented on her “big boobs,” POLITICO reported.
A week later, the organization abruptly closed, citing a lack of financial support. In January 2019, it agreed to pay $425,000 to settle allegations of campaign finance violations, reported.
In her first wedding to Christopher Frissora on June 11, 2005, Emma’s dad, then-Mayor Bloomberg, performed the ceremony. The high-society event was reported in the New York Times’ wedding section.
Ten years later, in July 2015, the couple publicly introduced their newborn daughter by her hybrid name, Zelda Violet Frissberg.
Frissora married Valery Westhart in August, 2018, according to their Bloomgingdale’s gift registry. He could not be reached for comment.

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