Sunday, March 9, 2014

You Mean, That Jessica Tisch? Bratton Chooses Tisch

NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton names Jessica Tisch as deputy commissioner of information and technology

Oh, you mean that Jessica Tisch?

Apr 15, 2008
Today's Post includes an op-ed calling for voters to decide on term limits so Bloomberg can run again. The piece claims Bloomberg has outperformed, citing his record in improving the schools. It's written by a Jessica Tisch, ...

Apr 07, 2009
I wrote about the ridiculous NY Post editorial her "brilliant" daughter Jessica sent supporting Bloomberg's 3rd term: "Average Citizen" Jessica Tisch Calls For Bloomberg 3rd Term. Posted by Norm @ ed notes online at

May 15, 2011
... in decisions concerning our children. Leonie Haimson: Merryl Tisch's daughter Jessica , wrote that oped in favor of overturning term limits and a third term for Bloomberg, based upon his terrific record at running our schools.

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  1. Sooner or later people will begin to realize that this city is ruled by a "permanent" government that runs the city regardless of who is mayor.


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