Friday, March 21, 2014

Fred Smith: Parents Should Say NO to Field Tests

Fred is our testing guru - field tests have no purpose for kids or teachers or schools -- they are used by the testing companies to make new tests and use kids as guinea pigs. Fred has led the revolt against field tests. There is no penalty to a school to refuse to take them -- but sometimes there are bribes - like free ipads. Either boycott or hold out for a big bundle -- and pay the kids back by throwing them one hell of a party.

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Fred Smith is a testing expert in New York City who has been advising parent organizations about their rights and explaining the technicalities of the tests to laymen.

He writes here:
“There are many reasons to refuse to participate in the field tests. They are summarized here–concerning New York State’s stealthy field testing practices, but having wider application to field testing, in general.

“It all comes down to parents becoming informed about when the tests are coming–where, what schools are involved–and acting in the best interests of their children’s education. Parents must insist on having this knowledge, as a simple matter of transparency. Then, it is THEIR choice alone on whether to allow their children to spend time taking field tests.

“As I see it, neither the state nor local educational entities have any legitimate authority in a matter that is entirely up to parents to decide on. Field testing carries no mandate demanding compliance. By arrogating to themselves the right to dictate actions that are in all ways voluntary (and must, at least, require informed consent) officials are simply usurping power to which they have no claim.
Fred Smith”

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