Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Teachers - Inform Potential Opt-Out Parents About Change the Stakes - Friday - Last General Meeting Before ELA

The growing opt-out movement is a major weapon in our arsenal to fight the deformers. In fact it is the single most threatening thing to them and just watch them and their lackey NYC press corps hammer people and try to blame the UFT, which in fact won't really touch this issue by truly supporting it. In Chicago the CTU has gone all out to deny them the data.

If you want a flyer for parents at your school email me and I'll send a pdf for you to print.

I love CTS and the work they do. We have a show Friday night so I can't make the meeting.


Friday, March 21, 2014, 6:00

Meet Together to Plan for April's Tests

Note location:

224 W. 29th Street, 14th Floor
New York, New York

Why the use of testing fails students and schools…

• Test scores do not predict learning or future academic success, nor do they measure creative 

thinking and problem solving.

• Tying tests scores to teacher evaluation forces teachers to “teach to the test,” instead of tailoring 

instruction to meet each student’s unique needs.

• Teachers – not test scores – should determine whether students are promoted. If there are 

doubts about a student’s readiness, teachers should decide in consultation with parents.

• The DOE should reduce class size; hire teachers, counselors, and librarians;

and fund after-school programs, enrichment and the arts; instead of wasting valuable public funds 

on testing, test prep and consultants.

• Massive amounts of data about students are being collected and put in the hands of third party 

vendors without parental consent.

When test scores are used to determine promotion, school closings, and teachers' careers, the 

stakes are too high! The misuse of tests narrows and distorts the curriculum. All children need 

high-quality teaching in a healthy atmosphere that

fosters the full development of their strengths and talents.


• Talk with parents and teachers. Build community around testing in your school. 

• Request an alternative such as portfolio assessment that reflects student growth.

• Keep up with Change the Stakes on our web site, Facebook, and Twitter.

• Invite Change the Stakes to your schools or your CEC meeting for an informal 

discussion on testing

• Join CHANGE THE STAKES and work to change NYC and NYS testing policies.

• Opt Out - refuse to have your child take the NY State tests and all Field Tests.


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