Saturday, March 22, 2014

Inside UFT Chapter Leader Training: Mulgrew Reacts to Unity Rejection of MORE "Bully Principal" Reso at DA by ....

.... talking about picketing in front of schools with abusive administrators and the UFT PINI list! Principal's in Need of Improvement.... 
Classify this in the category of:  Not an original thought in their heads. Or: too little too late.

At the ICE blog read all about the DA and how top UFT official Emil Pietromonaco said people had enough protections - and the Unity slugs agreed. (UNITY TURNS DOWN MORE DA RESOLUTION CALLING FOR ESCALATION OF DEFENSE OF CHAPTER LEADERS & RANK AND FILE)

Emil was the Staten Island borough rep while Portelos was being chopped. Ya think some kind of picketing in front of the school, led by PINI principal supreme Linda Hill, by the SI UFT might have meant something for the Portelos case? Even Staten Island resident Mulgrew could have easily attended.

Given that MORE is focusing on this issue just watch them do a show rally for publicity and then forget about it -- unless MORE picks up the ball and forces them to function out of fear MORE may be making headway.

Remember the Unity prime directive is not the interests or defense of the members but holding onto power. The stronger MORE gets the more Unity will be forced kicking and screaming to defend the members. I hear that a third or more of the DA is beginning to vote with MORE.That is a big change from the scattering of cards number 2 digits in the past.

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  1. How about the UFT publishing the PINI list? I have never seen such a list?


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