Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Portelos Arrested and Released After 30 Hours in Holding Cell As Asst. DA Tosses Case

Note to DOE Legal: How do you spell D-I-S-B-A-R?
Ramifications of tactic of having teachers arrested for fighting back will be felt.

I can just imagine the judge getting as big a laugh as Francesco got as he snookered DOE Legal into taking an outrageous action against him by involving the NYCPD in what was clearly a joke posting that he hacked into the DOE payroll system and gave himself a raise claiming he hacked in using Dennis Walcott's logon using the password kittensRcute. (How to “Hack” the DOE Payroll Portal and Give Yourself a Raise).

That either sent the crack DOE tech team into a panic given they seem to think Portelos can control their computers using smoke and mirrors. Or the real panic may be DOE legal thinks it will lose the case and not get Portelos terminated, so they came up with this attempted scam, which P is adding to his federal lawsuit. The boy may own the DOE by the time he is finished, and maybe part of the NYPD.

At first I felt P had gone too far with his post, given that he was expecting a ruling on his case. I urged him to keep this stuff under wraps until his decision came through. But when he pointed out that a Louis Scarcella like detective was apparently working as an agent of DOE legal by going after teachers who defended themselves things began to fall into place.

Will Portelos end  up owning this apartment?
In another breaking development he just informed us that SCI has backed his claims that the DOE was lying when it claimed he used his computers at work for his real estate business, something we heard repeatedly from DOE Legal attorney Jordana Shenkman, hopefully soon to be disbarred.
SCI just released a statement indicating the real estate files were not found on my desktop but rather printed from the internet.

Here are some of his postings on Facebook.
Francesco ForEducation Portelos  
Thank you all for your concern and texts. Just got out of jail around 7pm. Was arrested Monday morning due to trumped up charges by the DOE lawyers and held for 33 hrs. Sleeping on cell floor and handcuffed was an experience. The DA dismissed all charges.
Thanks everyone. We are adding to Federal lawsuit. Break me? I was lying on the filthy floor smiling thinking what wall I will post the shields and law degrees of those involved. As I was finally called out to leave, cell mate gave me fist bumps and one yelled out. "Don't forget to write about us teach. Keep fighting."
There is a Panel for Educational Policy meeting at Prospect Hts HS Tuesday March 18 at 6PM. Maybe call on Farina to wipe out DOE Legal and start all over again so they can go after teachers who should not be in the classroom, instead of whistle blowers.


  1. Thanks for hanging in on this story. If teachers are going to teach effectively they have to be free to express opinions including opinions about how money is spent in the school building. ( The apparent genesis of Mr. Portelos' issues w. his bldg admins. )

    Needless to say, I favor the idea of petitioning the new chancellor about a complete DOE Legal makeover. Save me a seat.

  2. Totally agree that he should not be posting anything. That said, it was obvious the piece he wrote was parody. Hopefully Farina will put a stop to this.

  3. The problem is that the DOE is used to dealing with teachers who get shaky knees over a mere letter to file. They rarely encounter a Portelos who seems to be emboldened by each swing they take. Any idiot could tell that his "Hacking" piece was satire....and I bet his lawyer would agree that satire is protected political speech. Best of luck to Francesco Portelos! Being in a jail cell in NYC and coming out still determined to see this through.....well....he's s hero in my eyes. He's willing to handle whatever they throw at him and not give up. That's my idea of a heroism.
    Roseanne McCosh PS 8x


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