Saturday, March 8, 2014

Susan's Saturday Special

Here is a collection for your weekend reading. I know the latest Common Core outrage is long but I hope you will read it with careful attention. This assault on first graders sits at the core of what corporate ed deform is all about.

Contrast this with Kate DiCamillo's wonderful memories of a read-aloud.

With the help of teachers who refuse to remain silent, I try to bring not just complaints but the details of the assault that will compel people to action.

The fact of the matter than unless and until teacher behavior changes, the corporate raiders win.

And by 'change in teacher behavior' I mean REFUSAL.

I often post things in 'Notable Quotes' that never make it to the announcement list. For example, go over there and take a look about what the surgical community's perception of surgery residents. It certainly sounds familiar.

Thank you, Steve Krashen, for 'noticing' almost as soon as I posted it.

There are new cartoons:

Gates/Obama Personalized Learning

Bribery, Coercion, and Manipulation for Primary Graders

What the Taxpayer Funds

I think the resistance community has reached the point where we should move on from complaining. I don't want to sound too self-serving here, but my goal is provide information that will help us to that next step--active resistance and refusal.

Give me liberty [to choose my curriculum] or . . .


I've told Nekko my cat who screams for me to come join him in palaver at 5:30 a.m. to expect tidings of great joy with Daylight Savings Time.


Common Core: Asking First Graders  To Extract and Employ Evidence About Producers and Consumers
Susan Ohanian

First graders of the nation, unite!

Adults: read this and brush up on your indefinite pronouns.

Big Data Means Big Questions on How That Information Is Used
Natasha Singer with Ohanian comment
New York  Times blog

John Podesta, the counselor to the president is leading the Big Data Privacy review and this should alarm you.

National Reading Month: Kate DiCamillo on the Power of Stories
Kate DiCamillo


Here is a great statement by Kate DiCamillo. Do yourself a favor and read it.

I won’t seek a 5th term on the Orange County School Board
Judge 'Rick' Roach


Orange County school board member Rick Roach says he no longer recognizes his profession.

To the editor
Kevin Mann
Daily Telegraph

Good comment on what passes for 'news' in our press.

To the editor
More Than a Score
Chicago Tribune

The Chicago Tribune that a school is not a democracy and teacher should just give the standardized test. More Than A Score, a Chicago group working to end the misuse of higj stales stamdardized testing, responds.

Does David Coleman Operate from 'Heartfelt' Motives?
Susan Ohanian and multiple writers
Wall Streeet Journal & New York Times

Read how major newspapers covered upcoming changes in the SAT.

The Way  Bill Gates Makes Things Work
Susan Ohanian

The Gates Foundation is funding online college textbooks.

Malloy administration’s farce of a hearing on Common Core
Jonathan Pelto
Wait What? blog

Connecticut Democrats remain committed to Common Core

Connecticut parents seek guarantee they can opt students out of standardized tests
Rachel Chinapen
New Haven Register

Jesse Turner, director of the Central Connecticut State University Literacy Center, speaks out--loudly.
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