Monday, March 3, 2014

Deny Them the Data - Opt Out Grows - Chicago Rocks While UFT Twiddles its Thumbs

What is the scariest words an ed deformer, privatizer, profiteer can hear? OPT-OUT.

As we work here in New York with the Change the Stakes group as we build alliances with other groups we are seeing the growth of the movement around the nation, even spreading from parents to teachers willing to risk their careers. (Though many teachers ARE opting out their own kids). Of course the UFT leadership is lagging way behind since they view any support for opt-out as subjecting them to attacks they want to avoid accountability - even if the accountability is just plain stupid one-way accountability.

From the Seattle teacher boycott of last year to the current battle in Chicago, we see teachers awakening in bits and starts.

Long-time readers of Ed Notes might remember the story here in NYC in May 2008. When the teacher announced to his kids they were getting a round of useless field tests at the end of May they rebelled. He merely told them they had rights but didn't tell them what to do. When 4 entire classes of kids refused to take the tests Doug was attacked fiercely by the entire DOE administration He was gone shortly after -- he wasn't tenured.

So, yes, there is a major risk. But when an entire school refuses to give a test....
Teachers at Saucedo Academy have risked their jobs by voting 100% to refuse to administer the ISAT and teach real class instead. Today Saucedo teachers were threatened with firing and revoked certifications. Call CPS and tell them you stand in solidarity with Saucedo teachers who stand with their students and parents against the ISAT. Let teachers teach! 773-553-1600 or 773-553-1500

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