Sunday, March 2, 2014

Portelos on SCI Lies

If you had sat through the 23 day3020a trial and listened to the evidence, there were many "break out laughing" moments at the farce the DOE was engaging in. But more of that another time.

Many people who have dealt with the office of the Special Commissioner of Investigations (SCI), which goes after school employees, don't believe there are
honest brokers there.

SCI is not the same as OSI, the internal DOE investigations unit, also not a clean organization (one day I'll tell you of my only brush with them back in the early 90s). Dirty detective Louis Scarcella even worked at OSI for a spell.

Francesco Portelos has gotten to know many of the people working at SCI (and OSI) through their endless investigations of him. Here he does an 8-part series delving into the details of their often bogus investigation.

Here are links to his report. They are detailed accounts, ie. of how he disconnected the wires and shut everything off in his computer room for the midwinter break 2 years ago, only to find his computer plugged in and turned on the day he returned. Or stuff that appeared on his computer AFTER they confiscated it.
When I contacted SCI on January 26, 2012, I did not have negative items in my file. A few days later I started having disciplinary letters and investigations started on me. SCI did not take my allegation of financial misconduct. When I met with UFT reps and I told them of my complaint, their words were “Oh crap…they are going to have the whole terrorist hit squad coming for you!” I didn’t know what they meant, but I know now and so should you.
This is what I have found during my journey:
Part 1: The Special Commissioner of Investigation’s Hand is in the Pocket of the Chancellor?
Part 2: A Tale of Two Videos
Part 3: Principal, Playboy and NY Post…Oh My!
Part 4: $ubpoena with a Capital $
Part 5: Faulty Investigations
Part 6: Making It Rain
Part 7: Using 7yr Old Vista to Monitor Portelos
Part 8: Planting Files and Confiscating Computers
You are mandated to report, but contact SCI with extreme caution and follow the Educator Survival Guide

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