Friday, March 7, 2014

Zakiyah Ansari: Fed up with Cuomo - But is She Fed Up With UFT Assault on NYSUT Leadership for opposing Cuomo?


Dear Norm,
I want to pass along this email from Zakiyah Ansari, public school parent and Advocacy Director for the Alliance for Quality Education. She is furious with the governor's abandonment of public schools in this state, and you should be too.  Read her story, and sign her petition:
Greg Basta
Deputy Director
New York Communities for Change
I'm angry! Governor Cuomo claims to be the “students' lobbyist,” but his actions tell a different story. For the last four years, he has severely underfunded New York's public schools leaving public school students with limited opportunities and diminished abilities to compete. Then, just this week he vowed to divert funding to privately-run charter schools, which make up only 3% of the student population in the state. He cannot call himself the students' lobbyist when he has ignored the needs of 97% of the students in this state. 
For the last four years, Governor Cuomo has kicked our public schools around like a soccer ball. He has forced them to make painful decisions, like having to choose between offering music classes or Kindergarten. This is absurd! Schools shouldn't have to choose between the very basics and students shouldn't be missing out on vital opportunities. It seems that Governor Cuomo is more concerned about appealing to his re-election campaign donors, like the Wall Street backers of privately-run charter school, than the students of New York who he claims to be a lobbyist for.
I will not stand idly by while he undercuts the future of a generation of students! Will you join me in holding him accountable to his constitutional obligation to educate every student? Sign the petition. 
In solidarity,
Zakiyah Ansari,
Advocacy Director of the Alliance for Quality Education

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