Friday, May 28, 2021

Video - Retiree Advocate Press Conference Fight to Keep Medicare

Friday, May 28, 2021, 9:30 PM

Over 150 retirees attended the press conference on Monday protesting the attempt to move 250K NYC municipal retirees out of medicare into privatized insurance plans (remember how well privatizing school systems via charters has worked out).

Here's the video of the entire event. Excellent speakers and great specially written songs - Imagine No Health Care --

 In case you're catching up here are ed notes posts recently:

And here are Gloria's comments:

Watch the Retiree Advocate's Press Conference from Monday, May 24th:

It was a quite a success with about 150 people attending including a large and loud group of members from the DC 37- Retiree Association. Their President Ed Hysyk and Vice President Neil Frumkin spoke. Many PSA retirees were there and of course, UFT retirees were out in force. Probably some other unions were in the crowd.

Other speakers included David Kotelchuck from the Social Safety Net Committee of PSC-CUNY, Mariana Gaston from the CSA, Dr. Alec Pruchnicki, a board member for Physicians for National Health Care, Denise Rickles and Bennett Fischer, UFT Retiree Advocates, and Naomi Zewde, Asst.Professor from CUNY and advocate for the New York Health Act.

We did get some media attention which is no small feat in NYC. The Chief News came as did WBAI. WPIX-11 also covered it and had a short clip on the Monday night news. We heard that Channel 4 reported it and there might have been other media as well.

Our incredible Sound Man Joel Breitbart not only brought his system but he recorded the entire Conference. And the People's Dave Lippman was an added bonus. He composed a few songs just for this occasion and performed them for the crowd.

Ann Ambia, a DC 37 Retiree, took pictures which we have posted on our RA Facebook page. There were other people with cameras and we look forward to getting more photos so we can share them with you.

Finally, this could not have happened without the efforts of so many of our RA folks!
Thank you and we must continue this fight!

We Say NO to privatization of our Medicare
PS Don't forget to mail in your UFT Retiree Chapter Election ballot
Gloria Brandman


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