Monday, May 17, 2021

Finally a chance to lower class size -- Show support - and Demand the UFT leadership put skin in the game

The last time our contract addressed class size was over 50 years ago. Now money has come through to do so and you might be scratching your head as to why the

UFT leadership is not doing more to support moves in that direction. You know my theory -- that they pay lip service but fundamentally they are ed deformers and don't have a deep belief in small class size -- I know, my theory is pretty controversial, but over the years the UFT leaders have supported many ed deform underpinnings:

  • mayoral control 
  • charter schools
  • closing so-called "failed" schools based on high stakes testing
  • high stakes testing itself
  • the "good" teacher more important than class size -- as if the number of students in a class has no impact on the relative quality of the teacher and the nature of teaching itself.

Well, I'll get off my soapbox and let Leonie (who I do not believe agrees with my analysis above) talk and ask for your support for the class size bill in the state legislature.

Dear Norm:  It would be great if you could reach out to UFT members and ask them to:

  1. sign onto our petition to the Mayor, and also
  2. send a letter to their legislators asking them to support S.6296/ A. 7447, which would update and renew NYC’s commitment to implement a five-year class size reduction plan. 

If there are any who live or work in Sen. Liu’s district (generally D25 and D26) it would be great if they could also contact me at

Thanks Leonie

Leonie Haimson

Executive Director
Class Size Matters

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