Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Randi has done it again - maddening playing all sides of the field with people who were OK with teachers giving up their lives to save the economy

They will debate this and hold multiple positions, but never a forum on something like union democracy or class size solutions... A NYC teacher

She and Leo Casey said the same thing about Bill Gates – saying it’s always good to discuss and bring people to the table.  I agree with that. But not give them a public forum to transmit their toxic ideas!  That’s completely different.... Parent activist

Randi working with the Open Schools Movement people - and a guy who said teachers dying was the acceptable cost of opening schools. The message to him should be FUCK OFF! But she is saying FUCK OFF to teachers risking their health in overcrowded schools.

She wants dialogue with our enemies but ignores the progressive voices in her own union. 90% vaxed but she and Mulgrew cater to the resisters. There's an entire resistance movement in the UFT but too progressive for Randi and crew --- she may be the Kyrsten Sinema of our union. I put her closer to Joe Manchin than Bernie Sanders.

See See thread and responses

She invited Dr. Jay Bhattacharya co-author of the Great Barrington Declaration, to speak at her Town Hall tomorrow. 


Yet she just tweeted that the Great Barington Declaration was “reprehensible”.  Reminds me of when she invited Gates to speak at the AFT convention.


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