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UnVaxxed UFTers Face Blowback from Vaxxed - Fall on the sword - get vaxed or take a leave - and is MU a threat?

I love those UFTers complaining about vax mandates. 

Did they ever sit through a mandated faculty conference or a boring PD? 

They are worse than sticking needles into your eye. 

Give me ten vaccines to dull the pain. 

But the hard line taken by de Blasio seems to be working - to some extent. I personally know of at least one unvaxxed supervisor who got the shot before the deadline.  I don't think schools will be as unsafe as the unions are trying to make them seem. Shame on the UFT for using that bullshit but supporting the idea that unvaxxed should go into schools and make them unsafe.

Friday night a loud cheer went up in certain internet circles with this headline:

Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor Allows COVID Vaccine Mandate For NYC Schools To Move Forward

Peter Zucker takes his shot at one of the more annoying anti-vaxers:

Goodbye, Good Riddance, and Farewell to Stephanie Edmonds

She spent last year HAMMERING teachers who chose to teach remotely because they, we, had underlying health conditions! She claimed we abandoned out students and SHE now decides to change her tune and abandons her students? She's so full of shit. Inserting something into her body that does not fall into line with her religious faith? What faith? She's fucking Jewish. There is nowhere in the Talmud, the Torah, or anywhere where it says that vaccines are forbidden. Orthodox rabbis consider vaccinations a moral obligation.
I'm on a private twitter feed with about 40 teachers who seem to echo Peter's anger and frustration with those who don't want to get the vax. I feel they had the right but not to go into a school. 
A comment on Peter's blog: "I just watched her on CNN. She is the biggest, fakest, blowhard of all time. She uses the word, "Dedicated". She ain't dedicated to shit. She is a poser teacher and everybody knows it. The DOE will be way better off without her." 

This seems to represent the sentiments of the majority of teachers -- increasing frustration and anger at the unvaxxed. People are sick of lockdowns, masks, etc and it is clear that if everyone got vaxxed we'd be close to being free. 

MU- not a cow

Now I was at some of my doctors the other day and there is a feeling that in NYC at least we had so many cases and so many people vaxxed, we're getting into herd immunity territory - for adults. So the wild card are the kids - the unvaxxed kids -- Delta is looking for places to land and it won't be  runway at Kennedy -- it may be your under 12 year old. As Dr. Osterholm keeps saying --- the virus is looking for wood to burn and here in NYC those are kids -- and schools are a danger point. So far we haven't seen too many wild outbreaks but Osterholm seesm to think we will see it happen within the next few weeks -- but if it doesn't we will be fairly hone free --- except for MU -- yes MU - a varian that seems to break through vaccines -- and my doc told me the Brazilian delegation to the UN last week brought us a gift of MU -- he said half the delegation was infected -- and his office is not far from the UN. Oy! But so far Delta seems to be kicking MU's ass -- but as some one said -- there are a lot of letter left in the Greek alphabet.
If non-vaxxed were in schools, imagine the sound of MUs.

James Eterno is not as caustic as Peter but has this report:
LEONARD PITTS SAYS GOODBYE AND GOOD RIDDANCE TO THE UNVACCINATED - The piece below is from the Miami Herald from syndicated columnist Leonard Pitts.... James Eterno

This headline expresses the increasing anger and generally pissed off feelings toward the unvaxxed. Especially those who threatened to pull their dues from the UFT -- and the leadership actually caved into them and backed the lawsuit. 

on behalf of the rest of us, the ones who miss concerts, restaurants and other people’s faces, the ones who are sick and tired of living in pandemic times, here’s a word of response to those quitters: Goodbye. And here’s two more: Good riddance.

I hadn't thought about what we have all been giving up and hoping we can end this soon and go back to normal. Guess who has been standing in the way of all of us? 

Yet they whine about forced mandates. We have a million forced mandates every day --- if you don't want to stop at red lights, give up your right to drive. What I find funny is that just by taking the job of a teacher, you are facing enormous controls -- you can't say shit in the classroom without it appearing on the internet and facing 3020a charges. 

You know there's a mandate that you have to stay in the classroom and teach even if you don't want to.

You're not an excellent teacher if you are willing to risk the health of your students --- We heard the  line that the system was going to lose excellent educators -- not so excellent if willing to risk their students' health.

Their final plea was let them be remote -- I'm sure the vaxxed teachers going into schools would have been thrilled. 

There is a lot of mocking of the leadership for supporting the extreme minority that is willing to go into schools --while the UFT itself will only allow 200 to meet for a DA and CL meeting in a room that holds 865 --- no 3 ft distance for UFT leaders. Monday night they held an Ex Bd meeting where proof of vax was required. Those meetings are supposed to be open to all UFT members. But they wouldb't allow the anti-vaxers they support to pass through those doors.

Where there may have been some level of sympathy for those who fear the vaccine, there is none for those proclaiming their libertarian right to refuse a vax. I've seen comments from the overwhelming majority of vaxed UFTers saying "good riddance  - we don't want to work with people so willing to  risk our and the children's health."

Fall on the sword.
I do not disagree with the libertarian view totally about not wanting to be forced but don't force me to be in the same space as you. If I weren't willing to get vaxed I would still try to be very cautious around others --- and I'd take a leave of absence. These are schools, not isolated offices.

If you are so against getting vaxed take a leave - you still keep your health care -- and I saw some angry comments from women with children who were pissed they are getting health care while they had to go back to work so soon.

Bill Maher who has vax issues pointed out he took one for the team.

So there are more and more angry if less vocal publicly UFTers. This will last way past the pandemic --- they may be treated like strikebreaking scabs in the future -- how dare they endanger our health?

One of the latest arguments from the unvaxed is that the system will lose so many excellent educators -- they are not excellent if they are so willing to put their students at risk.

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  1. I am the person who wrote the comment about Stephanie Edmonds being a blowhard. Just for the record, although I am vaccinated I am against mandated vaccines. NYPD, NYFD, and NYCD all have a testing option and so should we.


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