Friday, October 15, 2021

Mulgrew Slammed as Delegates React to His Angry Rants - Delegate Assembly (Oct. 13) Report #1 - Updated

Mulgrew sounded like “my angry drunk father”  --- Newly elected Delegate at first DA who also posted-

The woman who stormed out is my chapter leader. She's the real deal.... Tweet

Is there potential of holding a people's DA downstairs outside the meeting -- why go in and be abused?

Friday, Oct. 15, 2021 - 9AM

I will have a lot to say about what happened Wednesday with the joint action of Retirees protesting outside and working members from all active groups in the UFT working the inside -- I have lots of background info and reports are still coming in, including the whining from Unity Caucus about how people are politicizing issues -- HELLO! James and Arthur have detailed reports:

NYC Educator -- On Persuasion, Lack Thereof, and UFT Endorsing a Bought-and-paid-for Charter Shill - Last night's DA was remarkable on multiple levels. There was talk about NYCH, a bill that would provide health care for all New Yorkers. 

Here is an array of first impressions, many from newcomers to the DA.

The first delegate assembly of the 2021-22 school year displayed the full disarray, disorganized, and unhinged leadership of the union. 

Since the start of the pandemic we have had a union that is far removed from its members. Yesterday we saw a leadership that is now in open contempt of its own members. 

The president of our union, paid by our union dues, actually yelled at his own members, working classroom teachers, elected by their chapters. 

Our union leadership refuses to address changes in retiree healthcare which reduced coverage which is bound to happen to active members in the upcoming contract.UFT leadership endorsed a Mayoral candidate they previously opposed, they were forced to call on executive board members who are no longer in the classroom and retirees that last taught in the 1980’s. 

Mulgrew sounded like “my angry drunk father."

A resolution was passed calling for woman leadership of our city council “but we have all men running the largest union of women in the city”  -- Chapter leader and long time teacher

Mulgrew’s report was like the worst PD I ever had to sit through”  -- New chapter leader

Mulgrew and his Unity caucus are more disconnected than ever before. They haven’t been in the classroom since the pandemic, they have no clue about anything teachers or paras deal with daily and it shows when he talks... Veteran chapter leader

Every single health care speaker was chastised, interrupted, and deemed out of order. As a new delegate it appears I'll need clarification on when we're allowed to talk about health care, because this happened during multiple parts of the agenda... New delegate  

There's a lot more to come regarding the walkout, the joint action of so many, some of the speeches made outside, Mulgrew's increasing isolation and deterioration, scared Unity people who fear he may be blowing it for them as the opposition shows signs of uniting for next year's elections, the potential of holding a people's DA outside the meeting -- I mean why go in and be abused?



khaos said...

Your entire blog is inaccurate amf bias. Mukgre didn't remove anyone because of the color of their shirt. As for the Healthcare issue there's a order and the person didn't follow it, so wasn't recognized.

khaos said...

Your entire blog is inaccurate amf bias. Mukgre didn't remove anyone because of the color of their shirt. As for the Healthcare issue there's a order and the person didn't follow it, so wasn't recognized.

Anonymous said...

No one said Mulgrew removed anyone -- she removed herself because Mulgrew went after her for not wearing pink -- and she is a breast survivor. You are obviously a Unity troll - you have to work harder to reach hack level. Probably on the payroll.

Anonymous said...

Because Mulgrew takes up 2/3 of the DA talking just to hear himself speak the motion period is always way to short. The member who called a point of order was 100% correct that Mulgrew was not being impartial by calling on unity members and not opposition members.

Mulgrew also flat out lied that the NY Health Act would take “thousands of dollars out of members pockets.” That’s just not true. The cost saving would be massive and we would keep the same level of coverage. It makes one wonder what his agenda is. And the way he talked down to the delegate who asked that question was disgusting, patronizing, and misogynistic.

Lorenzo Rendon said...

What a pig he is.

Anonymous said...

Unity troll here. Mulgrews fetish on pink shirts has been out of line for years. But it shows how pitiful the opposition is that in 10 years nobody has called for a point of order to say that he cannot refuse to call on members because they are not participating in his pink Mania. I believe that the Union would benefit from an effective opposition. But there is none. Just whiners in criers and then you have communists who just want World Revolution and are not in the slightest bit interested in winning an election or changing the union. You watch next spring and see if MORE will agree to a unified candidate with solidarity. It will never happen

Anonymous said...

Rhetoric and division politics won't result in lasting positive outcomes. In order to be a viable alternative to Unity, the opposition movement needs to develop a strong, facts-and-solutions-based platform that is presented to membership through multiple channels (dedicated website, blogs, social media, leafletting across all DOE schools). Tell us how you will make our schools, communities and the UFT better, and tell us specifically how you will do it.

ed notes online said...

We will do it better than current leadership by very nature of getting rid of them. Putting classroom people in charge of union has to make it better.

ed notes online said...

You may be right about MORE - but what if they do? After all what is their option? To run alone again and be blamed for yet another Unity slam dunk? Either way, I will have fun.

Anonymous said...

Norm, how about some inside baseball on the election. Any chance of a unified slate? Care to toss out some names of possible candidates to challenge Mulgrew?

ed notes online said...

I have lots of inside baseball on the elections but I'd have to kill you if I tell you. Actually, I will be blogging extensively on the elections. My top candidate to challenge Mulgrew would be Camille Eterno.

Pat said...

Camille would be a great choice and President. She would put Mulgrew in place at any debate which he will refuse to have.

Anonymous said...

Camille would be great as President. She could challenge Mulgrew on every issue in a debate which he won’t allow.