Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Zoom -- ICEUFT, Educators of NYC (EONYC): Educators Speak Out on Unsafe Schools - Tonight (Wednesday Oct. 6) 7PM

The DOE and UFT are working together to suppress bad news.

I recommend reading Jonathan's blog with a reasoned analysis -- and some sympathy for unvaxed which I don't share ---

Do No Harm - if the damage outweighs the good sometimes we might pass on that treatment. Likewise, a wiser mayor would have passed on the mandate, in this way,

But I do get the point - it's a race to the bottom for which is more incompetent - the UFT or DOE.

Shine a light and flush out the cockroaches

ICEUFT and Educators of NYC at 7:00 tonight will be on Zoom to speak out about conditions in the NYC schools. I'll bet Unity is sending spies so they can know what is actually going on in the schools -- they are so out of touch they are like the CIA in Afghanistan - [C.I.A. Admits to Losing Informants - The New York Times].

Over 100 registered. Stories will be shared. Anonymity guaranteed -- we will have readers of stories that have been sent in along with live readings. 

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  1. Norm,

    I don't think what I wrote should be characterized as sympathy for the anti-vaxxers:

    "Am I expressing sympathy for the Trump-y anti-vaxxers? No. No sympathy. I think they are idiots. I think they are actively putting themselves and others at risk. But if punishing them puts some of our schools/students/teachers at risk, I say no."


    1. Jonathan,
      I think some sympathy for the non-Trump wing - mostly people of color but maybe not all. There are a lot of anti-vax people from way before Trump.


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