Thursday, October 7, 2021

REPOST - UFT Closes Doors to DA -- UFT Update: Anti-Unity forces come together for October 13 Delegate Assembly to support Retiree Rally

I'm reposting this from before as this news came in --

BREAKING - 3:15PM -- This just came in -- as we predicted earlier --

Notice to Attend DA Sent out during school day as UFT Leadership Packs Upcoming Delegate Assembly with Unity Caucus Members as way to shut down Chapter Leaders ---  IMAGINE -- Actual working chapter leaders and delegates were sent a notice - purposefully when they were in the classroom, thus givng the vast Unity Caucus network who are not in classrooms an advantage in registering - and all seats were filled almost immediately -- thus shutting out the many newly elected chapter leaders and delegates --- one of the stories was that MORE elected 100 of them and none of them will be able to get into the DA next Wednesday -- but we will be outside and will urge every ch and del shut out to join us outside shouting -- let us in.

Thursday, October 7, 2021 - 10 AM

An interesting event is developing inside the UFT among critical voices. All formal groups and caucuses seem to be working jointly on supporting the cause of retirees fighting the UFT leadership's attempt to force people out of Medicare and into a privately controlled system. They have tied the retiree issue to the current unsafe schools UFTers are facing and are going to urge delegates to support a series of initiatives.

My guess is the leadership will attempt to pack the DA with Unity stalwarts.I suggest they offer a post DA dinner for Unity -- or a raffle to get them to shlep to the DA when they can just stay home and do remote. I and others will be there, glad to meet them with open arms. 

The event will be a test of sorts for the ability of the opposition to actually organize effective actions -- and if they are successful and this leads to more cooperation leading into the spring UFT  elections.

Is the leadership sweating? Last night Educators of NYC's Daniel Alicea led a fabulous workshop of teachers and parents exposing the unsafe conditions in the school being covered up by the DOE with the assistance of the UFT.

Mulgrew, feeling the heat from a few directions -  some anti-vax people who seem to love him for supporting them and helping keep schools unsafe - but they will whine about everything, came out with a rare attack on de Blasio.

Watch the leadership pack the DA with Unity pulling some tricks -- like sending out messages to Unity to get ahead of the line.

Here's James' report ------


Coming next Wednesday, ICE-UFT will be joining with multiple other opposition groups for a Healthcare-Health and Safety rally at the UFT's first Delegate Assembly of this school year. Delegates, Chapter Leaders, rank and file active UFTers, retirees and others will all be there. I have never seen this kind of excited pulling together among opposition groups in the UFT.

UFTers have finally had enough.

Well, we'll see if UFTers have had enough. I have to see it to believe it.

ICEUFT and Educators of NYC spoke out about conditions in the NYC schools.



  1. Such a Great Post Man! I use to read your posts daily! Keep It Up....

  2. As if MORE and Solidarity would ever agree on a candidate. Hold onto your pessimism, Norm.


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