Sunday, September 26, 2021

School Staff Complains About Undisclosed COVID Cases at Clara Barton HS -- Guess Who the UFT is Busy Defending?

We don't feel safe in our community anymore. We love our school and know it can be better. We want a safer school and we do not want additional COVID outbreaks. 
 .. Clara Barton HS staff members
UFT claims not allowing unvaxed into schools makes them unsafe while seemingly OK with letting them in and threatening COVID spread? WTF

Staffs are going to war with each other over masking and vaccines. Talk about a threat to the union. Where is the UFT? I have an idea -- threaten to stop paying dues and watch how fast you get a meeting and a response. 
The UFT leadership is so focused on the minority unvaxxed, they are losing sight of the real threat to the union, with the overwhelming majority vaxed and masked and getting more and more pissed off. Religious exemptions? Don't dare try using Jewish as an excuse. The other real threat is future refusals to get vaxxed for anything and wild measles and other outbreaks to come. We are going back to the dark ages and the UFT is paving the way.

I'm hearing this from other schools -- There is a Zoom on Wednesday at 7PM for people to tell their stories, anonymously if they want.

Such stories are rolling in and ignored by the UFT leaders which is focusing its attention on due process for the unvaxed. Do the vaxed get due process for their health conditions?,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Office of Superintendent Michael Prayor <>,,,,,
date:Sep 25, 2021, 7:37 PM


To Whom It May Concern:

We are a group of constituents from the Clara Barton HS community in Brooklyn. We have sent the following to our principal but we have not seen any substantial change in our community. We have staff calling out and rumors are flying it's for undisclosed COVID cases. Students are in quarantine. There was a nasty fight this past week and nothing is being done to control students from unmasking in the halls. We do not feel safe at all. Please help us! We have contacted the press. 


Dear Dr. Forman:

We are a group of staff from the CBHS community who are really concerned. We have brought concerns to the UFT reps to take to consultation. But we feel that nobody is doing anything. 

While you hide in your office we have observed the following in Barton:
1. Teachers and paras not wearing masks around children during class time.
2. Deans and aides not masking in the Deans' Office.
3. Students smoking weed communally during class time in Stairwell E And F.
4. Large groups of faculty in the auditorium meeting without social distancing on Sept 9
5. Classrooms with no open windows or purifiers. 
6. Staff and students who have said: "COVID is a lie produced by the  media and masking/vaccines don't work."
7. No social distancing or ventilation in the cafeteria 
8. Faculty unmasking in meetings

We don't feel safe in our community anymore. We love our school and know it can be better. We want a safer school and we do not want additional COVID outbreaks. 

If our needs are not addressed promptly the media and the City will be notified. We do not want negative attention to our community. We just want a safer work environment and a safer learning environment for the kids. 

Thank you.



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