Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Class Size and Healthcare Inside/Outside Action at by coalition of UFT activists at Delegate Assembly - Wednesday, Nov 17, 52 Broadway at 4PM

There will be an attempt to put class size in the contract on the agenda at the DA which the leadership doesn't even want raised because of the optics of having Unity vote against it. Come out and join us. We will be there until 6PM to support delegates when they emerge.

Tuesday, November 16, 2021

There are lots of things going on around the UFT. Tomorrow's Delegate Assembly has become a rallying point for retirees over the health care issue and for delegates over their future healthcare, their health and safety during the pandemic and class size which is related to the health issue.  

There was a joint action of opposition groups at the Oct. 13 DA:

Anti-Unity forces come together for October 13 Delegate Assembly to support Retiree Rally

The very act of coming together of so many groups in October and again tomorrow for joint action at the DA has to make Unity/UFT leadership uncomfortable. A few more related posts:

Here is a post to the Retiree Advocate listserve:

Join us this Wednesday, Nov 17 outside the UFT at 4PM

The next UFT Delegate Assembly will be this coming Wednesday, Nov. 17th at 4pm at 52 Broadway.

Inside the hall, our sisters and brother Delegates will be raising two important resolutions. 

  • One is for Small Size Classes which as we all remember was not always the case in our classrooms.

  • The other one is the Healthcare Resolution which delegates attempted to get on the agenda a few months ago and they will try again. It is just as relevant and important now.

We will be outside the DA to give support and let the public know why these issues continue to be crucial.    Please join us between 4-6pm.

We especially want to be present at 6PM when the delegates exit the assembly.

We will have our Healthcare signs and our Retiree Advocate Banner.

Join us and spread the word.

We Say NO! Do Not Privatize Our Healthcare


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