Saturday, November 6, 2021

Eterno on WBAI with Daniel - UFT History part 3 - the Randi years - Saturday - Today -1PM

Episode Summary

Daniel sat with James Eterno, a longtime dissident leader within the United Federation of Teachers, to discuss our third and final episode "Inside UFT Politics and History: How the Nation's Most Powerful Union Impacts NYC Public Schools (Part 3). Our final installment covered the years 1995 to the present. Topics included the roles of UFT Presidents of Randi Weingarten and Michael Mulgrew within the union's contractual positions in their collective bargaining with the cities' mayors.

Episode Notes

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James's pretty much came on the scene when Randi did. His emergence also coincided with my own reemergence in the UFT after a decade of inactivity due to buying a house and going to grad school. I never thought I would come back but fell into the chaprer leadership in my school in 1994 and that brought be back into the fray. Originally I was supposed to be on with James but have a Bat Mitzvah -- and besides you know I talk too much so now James who is always so polite will not have to deal with me jumping around all over the place.

James was a CL for 22 years and served on the UFT Ex Bd from 1995-2004 with New Action and 2004-7 with ICE. James was also part of the original MORE and ran for HSVP in 2016 and garnered more hs teacher votes than the current UFT HS VP Janella Hinds -- but at large voting you know -- pre-1994 and James would have been VP. Since he retired he has been mentoring many people on union issues.

James also saw his school get closed down, helped lead a fight against the 2005 contract and lots of other stuff.


My shameless plug alert blog post.

This is from teacher radio host Daniel Alicea, founder of Educators of NYC.


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