Monday, January 31, 2022

UFT Elections: Petitioner and Pensioner Reveal Fear and Loathing Toward Unity Caucus/UFT Leadership

Monday - Jan. 31, 2022

I was about to post a piece of analysis on the upcoming UFT elections and the 10 day old petitioning campaign when this missive came in over the transom this morning (see below). 

But first let me tell you a story told to me the other day by a friend, a UFT retiree whose husband, also a UFT retiree, died two years ago, just as the COVID was hitting.

She had been under his SHIP (UFT retiree supplement) plan. So she tried to contact people at the UFT and got nowhere - she understood the situation with the virus. When she finally reached someone at UFT Welfare, he was not only no help, but nasty and unhelpful. So she went higher up the ladder. The lady was nicer. My friend explained that she had written to the welfare fund within some deadline but the higher up said she had no record and fundamentally was no more helpful than the nasty guy. So my friend threw up her hands and dropped SHIP altogether. It just wasn't worth her time to keep pounding on the UFT door. She is running on the UFC slate.

Now back to the morning missive:

Must disturbing thing I've gotten so far while petitioning for UFC for the upcoming UFT Elections:"I don't wanna sign... you don't know how Unity retaliates." The petitioner was shocked and dismayed more so because this came from their CL no less. Everything came to light for this member, as he reflected on the last months with this passive CL that continues to allow abusive admin create schedules of teaching SIX in a row, 1st period preps with last period lunches, no PD Mondays/PE&OPW Tuesdays and a scrubbing of students grades not witnessed in years. This CL barely holds Chapter meetings, will members stay lost in the dark. He's not Unity (never got the 'gift card' or signed off on the 'loyalty oath') but after quite some time under Lara learned "...if you're not WITH Unity, you stay our of Unity's way. Unity will simply ignore your pleas if you have problems in your school." A culture of fear perpetuated by a caucus, should NOT EXIST in a UNION.

She is running on the UFC slate. 

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  1. A Unity stooge on Facebook stated that Unity does not do caucus work such as signature signings at 52 Broadway or the district offices. I call total BS on that.


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